Due Diligence


due diligence services investcor


InvestCor Team is always here to assist our clients in due diligence evaluation and reports on corporate and individual level.

InvestCor Corporate services provide assurance to buyers and vendors with an independent view of the business performance and forecasts.

Our Vendor Due Diligence associates work alongside company directors and management team to ensure that all business challenges and opportunities have been taken into account during the assessment report, and necessary follow up has been arranged.  

Due diligence services ensure a controlled sale process without disruption of business operations. Due diligence reports add credibility to the facts of the sales memorandum, reduce uncertainty risk for financial buyers and ensure that the vendor retains its own pace throughout the sales process.

For vendors:

  • Control over the sale process
  • Control over the sale timeline

For buyers:

  • Certainty over the business performance
  • Certainty over the validity of the sales memorandum


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